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All of the premium products we manufacture are available for sale at our Cash N Carry store at wholesale prices, PLUS MORE. We also sell all of the most popular brands of ice cream.

How do we do this? We partner with our distributor to sell all of their clearance items at wholesale prices. Sometimes one box in a case will get a dent, leaving the rest of the perfectly good boxes unsellable as a unit. Or perhaps it is January 1st and they have too much peppermint ice cream left over. This means you can benefit from premium name brand ice cream at rock bottom prices at our ice cream outlet.

We carry ice cream cakes, ice cream pints & tubs, non-dairy products, and frozen novelties (ice cream sandwiches, cones, & bars). Inventory varies every week so check back regularly. 

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We're on Skip the Dishes

Can't live another minute without your ice cream fix? Have it delivered between 11am to 5pm.

Tour our Facility

Join John in a tour of our facility. Thanks to our neighbours, Marpole Oakridge Family Place for the video. (Summer 2021).

In Store this week

We always have ice cream cakes, pints & frozen novelties in stock, but we’ll post anything extra special here. However, if we only have a handful of a particular product in stock, we won’t list it here. You’ll have to come visit us in store to enjoy the experience of finding frozen treasure!



20% Off wholesale price + shipping valid till December 31st 

Very Limited Quantity

Normal price $3000 – Less 20% ($600) 

Ro – Pack system included (a further $240 value)

Total price = $2400 + $150 shipping (GVA) & Setup 

Mixed Ice Cream Novelty Box

Party Box

Get the best of all worlds!

If you can’t choose your favourite, pick up one of our mixed party packages.

Available in multiple sizes and price points, this is an excellent option for office events or other parties where everyone has a different favourite.

Custom Decorating

Bring out the fun at your next event. Take one of our premium ice cream cakes and make it your own with custom decorating.

Custom decorating starts at $5.

Please drop by or call us at 604-482-3188 a minimum of one day ahead to give us time to prepare your cake.

Bendick's Ice Cream Cakes Outlet

Ice Cream Cakes

Our creative geniuses craft limited edition flavours all the time, but we have 7 favourites that are almost always in store. Read more about them on our products page.

  • Black Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Caramel Pecan Fudge
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Green Tea
  • Mango
  • Mocha Almond Fudge
  • GLUTEN FREE Triple Chocolate