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100% Canadian

Dairy Farmers of Canada Certification logoMade only with 100% Canadian Milk & Cream.

Local Ice Cream

Made in our factory in Vancouver, BC to provide local jobs and use local ingredients. We have been in the same location since 1986!

Small Batch

Every production batch is made and packaged by hand in our Vancouver facility in small quantities to ensure high quality.

Premium Ingredients

Our ice cream has a smooth, rich texture because our cream contains 12% fat. Economy ice creams use only 10% and frozen dairy desserts even less.

Ice Cream Tubs

Serve up something delicious with Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. Our always-in-stock flavours are inspired by international destinations for a taste of Asian delight! Limited edition seasonal flavours are drawn from whatever inspires us, from local berries to feeding our chocolate addiction. Our ice cream are gluten free unless otherwise stated for inclusions such as cookie dough or “crunch”. And If you like our ice cream, you’ve gotta try our cakes.

Black Licorice

Scandinavian Flavour

A distinct anice flavour balanced with our sweet and creamy premium blend.

Black Sesame

Japanese Flavour

Nutty cream with Japanese black sesame paste and sesame oil.

Chocolate Malt

Nostalgia Flavour

Rich premium chocolate ice cream loaded with malt throughout.


Filipino Flavour

Creamy coconut so authentic it will make you see palm trees in the background.

Green Tea

Japanese Flavour

Slightly tangy matcha green tea with a delicate umami taste.


Indian Flavour

Flavoured with cardamom and saturated with almond nuts.

kulfi Pistachio

Indian Flavour

Flavoured with cardamom and pistachio nuts throughout.

Gluten Free


Filipino Flavour

Young Filipino coconut shredded in creamy dairy.

Gluten Free


Indian Flavour

A supremely tropical mango with a creamy foundation

Ube Ice Cream

Filipino Flavour

A subtly sweet and mellow flavour made with Filipino purple yam.

Gluten Free

Limited Edition Ice Cream

Seasonal Flavours

Get them while they last! You’ll have to visit us to find out what’s in store.

This year’s seasonal flavours have included:

Castlegar, BC
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I have been stuck on [competitor] for ages as most I'm sure, and then one day my partner brought one of these home. My life is forever changed. I'm blown away by the creaminess, The texture, the marshmallow clouds surrounding the lining supported by the cookie crumble. And every bite exploded with flavour and delights as I if I was drinking the conditioner from the heavens shower ... angle darts combined with pleasure of the gods. The cookies and cream, triple chocolate, and caramel pecan are favourites. I need this cake to enjoy life, from now on. If I don't have a cake in the freezer I cannot feel joy.
Laurie A.
Tofield, AB
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I would just like to tell you how fabulous your ice cream cakes are! We tried the black raspberry twice now, Fantastic! Thought we should try a different flavor, so caramel pecan it was. DELICIOUS If we can ever get past these 2 yummies, I'm looking forward to trying others. I always get raves when we have this dessert. Keep up the good work!
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I tried your ube ice cream just last week, and I have to say that it's the greatest ice cream I've had my entire life. I bought a tub of it for a party I hosted and everybody present absolutely loved your ube ice cream too!

Allergen Statement

Bendick’s products are made in a facility that processes dairy, gluten, peanuts and other nuts. All equipment and facilities are thoroughly cleaned before beginning a nut, dairy, or gluten free product (and before beginning any recipe). We disclose this to protect the health of any consumers with severe allergies.

wholesale enquiries

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