Scoops of chocolate ice cream
100% Canadian

Dairy Farmers of Canada Certification logoMade only with 100% Canadian Milk & Cream.

Local Ice Cream

Made in our factory in Vancouver, BC to provide local jobs and use local ingredients. We have been in the same location since 1986!

Small Batch

Every production batch is made and packaged by hand in our Vancouver facility in small quantities to ensure high quality.

Premium Ingredients

Our ice cream has a smooth, rich texture because our cream contains 12% fat. Economy ice creams use only 10% and frozen dairy desserts even less.

12 oz Ice Cream Cups

Sara’s Ice Cream Cups are perfect for families on the go. We provide everything but the spoon! Made with the premium ice cream you love us for, these cups are loaded with extra inclusions that will make you want to dig in and never stop. Keep it all for yourself or share it with a friend; the choice is yours. Each cup contains 377mL (12oz). If that’s not enough for you, give one of our full sized tubs a try.

12oz Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Cup

Chocolate Malt

Ice Cream Cup

Rich premium chocolate ice cream loaded with malt throughout. You’ll find this flavour malt-ilicious!

Cookies & Cream

Ice Cream Cup

Creamy premium vanilla ice cream swirled throughout with chocolate cookie chunks. You’re a smart cookie, so pick one up today!

12oz Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cup

Cotton Candy

Ice Cream Cup

Colourful pink and blue cotton candy flavoured swirls reminiscent of a trip to the carnival!

Allergen Statement

Bendick’s products are made in a facility that processes dairy, gluten, peanuts and other nuts. All equipment and facilities are thoroughly cleaned before beginning a nut, dairy, or gluten free product (and before beginning any recipe). We disclose this to protect the health of any consumers with severe allergies.

wholesale enquiries

Want to sell Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream at your location? Contact our wholesale distributor, TransCold Distribution, to have it delivered.

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